Plain Jhaynes and Robins

Plain Jhaynes are finished! I love them and will most likely make more. I have several colors of this yarn leftover from other projects which will be thrilled to become more Plain Jhaynes I think. 

2012 05 03_1030_edited-1.JPG

I find that I tend to reach more for the simpler designs when wearing my hand knits, so I can see getting a lot of wear out of these, and having several pair in different colors would be perfect.

2012 05 03_1035_edited-1.JPG

However, I didn’t cast on for those right away, because after I got my new Converse I started Jonesing for new easy care, summer socks. I only wear hand knit socks and while I love all my hand dyed wool pairs, they aren’t the easiest to wear and care for on the road. I do laundry in hotels a lot during the traveling seasons and it’s easier to use socks that are okay to go straight in the washer and dryer without special care. I have found that my commercial yarn socks, like Regia, for example are work horses. I dug through my stash and found some Plymouth Sockotta marinating. Perfect for summer since they are a wool/cotton/nylon blend, and easy care.

I cast on for some plain toe-up socks. I may put some rib or a simple lace panel like the one on the Plain Jhaynes. I’ll decide when I get there. I know I will do a gusset and heel flap since I hate how a short row heel feels on my foot.

2012 05 03_1031_edited-1.JPG

I also have a robin update for you. A day or two after the eggs hatched I decided to take a peep at the nest. When I got up there I found, to my dismay ,that one of the poor little things was out of the nest on the bench. There was no way I could just leave it to its fate. It looked so helpless and pitiful and reminded me too much of a defenseless newborn baby. There was only one choice for me and that was to somehow get it back in the nest and hope it would be alright.

I sent Meredith to get a cloth or something so I could gently scoop it up without touching or hurting it. We got that done without problem and quickly got down from the tower so the parent could return.

I was reluctant to check on the fate of the little critter. Ignorance is bliss. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to know if it was still okay. I ventured a peek yesterday and was so happy to find four little beaks still in the nest!

2012 05 02_1040_edited-1.JPG

I got a few shots of the parent on the nest and then when it flew off, in search of food (which I can totally relate to by the way, LOL) I stole up and took a quick close up shot too. They are kind of cute aren’t they? You can already see the feathers starting to grow and they are beginning to look more like Robins instead of embryos, LOL!

2012 05 02_1046_edited-1.JPG

In other bird watching news; my neighbors have a bluebird house in their back yard and it usually has at least one nesting pair every Spring. For all I know it’s the same pair. I caught sight of the male on it on Tuesday. They are such pretty birds. I am drawn to the lovely coloring I think.

2012 04 27_1051_edited-1.JPG

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