One Down

I finished my Spiral Effect Cowl on Friday. I love how it turned out. This is going to be my go to scarf for those times when you want a bit of color . Also on days when you just need a little something around your neck but it’s not cold enough for a heavier scarf.

I have been working mostly on my Gridiron Sock since then. I am past the heel trn and gusset decreases. It’s just a straight shot until the foot is long enough.

I’ll be getting back to the shawl soon I think but I may at least finish this sock first.

3 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Love that cowl. Looks like an intuitive knit.

    1. Thanks and yes, it’s the same stitch pattern every row except for the shift to the left.

  2. The cowl is gorgeous. That color! 🤩

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