Okay maybe I am still a Knitter

Ella Funt sleeve

I snapped. I realized that it is late fall and Elijah still doesn’t have a new sweater for the cool weather that is coming on. Unthinkable, right? What kind of knitter and mother lets her toddler run around without a proper sweater! Shocking.

I ran across this adorable sweater on Ravelry and snapped it right up knowing that it would be perfect for this fall. Well fall is well upon us and I had better get on the ball. I had bought some Rowan Felted Tweed DK for it when I found the pattern.

I cast on Sunday night for the sleeve on 3.0 mm needles for the rib and 3.5 for the stockinette portions. I was fairly sure these would get gauge and a sleeve was a better way to check without committing as much if I needed to adjust. He measured to fit the 12-18 months, he is 15 months right now, but I want plenty of room for it to maybe still fit next year so I am doing the 18-24 months. A little big is fine since you can roll the sleeves and it looks cute.

I have worked on the second Hedgerow Mitt but don’t have a new picture to show you. I am a little annoyed with them only because they are sort of too roomy on me and I am running very close on yarn, so it’s really aggravating that if I had known the increases on the pinky side of the hand weren’t necessary on me, I would have left them out of the first one and therefore saved myself the stress of hoping I don’t run out of yarn, PLUS they would fit me better. Argh. I’ll probably give them to Jerry if he wants them since they will fit him nicely if he wants them.

Well besides knitting I have been catching up on all that paperwork I mentioned. Whew! Sales taxes are done as well as the expense reports and finances in order. Oh and that thing with the trailer brake system? We unloaded the trailer, hooked it up to the truck and as I was leaving to take it to the repair shop, guess what? The brakes worked. Uh, I guess that is good news, but sure wish I had known that BEFORE I unloaded the trailer. Sigh. On the other hand we did get the new dyed yarn restocked and fixed some of the displays that needed repaired while we had everything out so it wasn’t a total loss.

So trailer got reloaded and I went out for a drive around the block to adjust the brake controller for the load weight. Guess what? It stopped working halfway into the test. WTH? Okay this is clearly a loose fitting or something and the weight of the loaded trailer was causing it. Turns out it was in the connectors of the plug that needed the pins tightened up. Hopefully that did it and we won’t have trouble on the way to Asheville, NC for SAFF on Thursday.

Okay that’s all I got tonight.

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