New shawl progress and a fun contest

I know it’s been a long break between posts, so sorry for that. I was just so worn out after 4 shows in 5 weeks that I needed to decompress and catch up on things around the house which left little time for blogging.

Anyway so I will show you a few pictures from Stitches South showing off the new shawls. I am very proud of them. :-)


You can see Catoctin in this one. It was a big hit at Stitches!


My lovely Holbrook is shown in this one.


This is the only one I have where the Tristano is visible. It is so pretty in person with it’s lovely texture.

Okay now on to some new shawl knitting projects. Mine first. :-) To refresh your memory this is Edwina and I am using my Classic Merino Lace in Saffron.

It was just a wee thing the last time I posted about it and it has grown much since then. I am two-thirds of the way through the third repeat of chart 3, which is a 24 row stitch pattern which is repeated 4 times total before beginning the border designs. I currently have 275 stitches on the needle and will have 339 when I reach the end of this section and start the border. It is an interesting shawl to knit and I love using this base.


It’s also been some time since you saw Nadira, also in Classic Merino Lace but in the color Amethyst. Kyla is up to the border set up section on this so the end is getting nearer. I have no idea how long her rows are but over 300 for sure.


Joanie’s Alexandra Shawl is really looking fabulous in this color. It is hard to photograph without getting out the light box which I was too lazy to do. It is much more true red that this looks. It is made using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock in the color Ruby.


Cassie’s Kimani which she started the weekend while we were in North Carolina for the Carolina Fiber Festival, is coming along nicely. We decided to use the Classic Merino Superwash Sport in Ironstone. I was hoping for a dramatic look by using the dark color, which shows up lighter here than it does in person, and I am now hoping that the stitch pattern shows up well enough. I imagine that the blocking will relax and open up the lace to the help out with that.


The other thing that I want to mention today before closing is about some fun news I received this week. I was contacted by the very talented Stephannie Tallent of Sunset Cat Designs about a new eBook she is releasing this month called The Wild West: Cables and that one of the designs in it was featuring my Classic Merino Superwash Sport. The pattern is the gorgeous Slide Rock socks and wow are they something? She is currently accepting pre-orders with a $3 off code (CABLES) this week. As if that weren’t enough we are also teaming up with a promotional contest to kick it off. Hop on over there and see what it’s all about. See you next time!

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  1. What a beautiful post to read first thing in the morning! The shawls are all beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lara! Hope you have a wonderful day. 😀

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