New on the Needles

So, I did get all three shawls cast on since my last post. I am using three different yarn weights on these and they all have different shapes so I can jump around between them as the mood suits me.

I already showed you Simple Gifts last time and I have only added a few rows so it looks pretty much the same. Simple Gifts is a triangle that starts the knitting at the point. The increases are on one side only which makes the diagonal edge of the triangle. You then bind off the shortest edge. I like making this style. I completed chart 1 and a few rows of chart 2.

The next thing I cast on was Bramwell using my Classic Merino Superwash DK in Pewter. It is a traditional triangle shape with the center rib and the point at the bottom. What makes it nice is the thicker, cushy yarn. It’s fast to make and looks modern, especially in this neutral color. I got the first chart done and moved to the next shawl to cast on.

My third shawl in progress is Adelita using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in Jade. This one is a semi-circle style where you do increases across the row every time the row count doubles. These are fun to make too. They also look so pretty and I find they knit fast even in thin yarn.

I worked through all the increase sections that are plain knit and then through the first pattern chart. It’s very addictive. 😊

5 thoughts on “New on the Needles

  1. I just love Dee O’Keefe patterns. It is about time for her to launch a new one. I hope you put DFW Fiber Fest on your 2022 calendar.

    1. Yes, she is a wonderful designer. ❤ I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to DFW since it is the same weekend as Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. It’s a shame they switched from April. It will likely kill any chance for the East Texas Fiber Festival in 2022 also.

  2. those are beautiful – if only they weren’t on Ravelry!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry. I do sell Dee’s patterns. If you want one I can dobthat through email for you. 🙂

      1. Maybe in the future- right now I barely have time to knit a row on a scarf! But thank you!

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