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Hi everyone, well I know there are at least a few of you out there. LOL! Sorry for the couple of weeks with no updates. Life just got a bit hectic and no time for blogging. So I’ll briefly bring you up to date.

A couple days after my last post I traveled up to Jefferson, WI for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. The festival was wonderful! I did however have a slight mishap on the drive up. A deer came out of nowhere while I was driving through north central Illinois and I had hit the poor thing before I even knew it was there. It was just in front of me and I had no time or way to swerve. It could have been much worse, I know. I have no idea what happened to the deer either, I’m afraid. I drove on a mile or two with my heart pounding and thought I had better pull over on the side of the road and assess the damage. The deer was several miles back by then. Fortunately my truck was able to continue, but it looked a bit sad. :-(

I contacted my insurance company and they processed my claim within a couple days so I could have the body shop order the parts as soon as I got home. The problem was going to be getting the work done within the time I had at home. I needed my truck to pull the trailer to shows, which I had every weekend this month and into the first week of October. They called me the Thursday after I gave them the estimate and said my parts were in. I needed the truck that weekend to go to Yellow Springs, OH for the Wool Gathering so the repairs had to wait until my return the following Monday. Surprisingly the headlight and blinker still worked even if they were wonky, so it was not too bad having to drive it that way.

So off I went again, and the show was again great but you know how things happen in three’s? Yep, had a few more inconveniences while there. It is a tent show and it was pretty hot, but at least it wasn’t rainy. Looking on the bright side here, LOL. There were yellow jackets and flies everywhere and I got stung on the face Saturday morning. I wasn’t too bad at first and I hoped it would just be better by Sunday morning. Nope. It was worse.

It was more annoying than anything as it made it hard to see because my glasses sat funny, but as you can see I’m fine now. The swelling didn’t go completely away for about 5-6 days though. Oh, and the third annoying thing which I swore I would keep to myself but here I am sharing, was that I somehow forgot to pack underwear. LOL! I have never done that and it was a mistake that I will be forever diligent not to repeat. No guest laundry at the hotel either. I will spare you further details. LOL!

I hurried home on that Monday after Wool Gathering and dropped off the truck for repairs. I reminded them, since they had assured me they would work with me to make sure I had my truck when I needed it, that I had to have it back by Wednesday afternoon. I needed to leave again early Thursday morning for Virginia for the two festivals I had there the next two consecutive weekends. They come through for me! I was so happy to have it back all pretty again. :-)

Which brings me up to the present. The Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival was this past weekend and it was perfect. The weather has been beautiful so far and attendance was great! I will be staying here at this hotel until Friday and then moving down to Orange, VA for the Fall Fiber Festival . I don’t have much plans other than maybe doing some reading and knitting. I’m boring, I know, but it’s honestly what I love most to do when I have time to myself. I do miss my family and feel a bit home sick this morning. It just isn’t worth the long drive home and back up in three days, so it makes more sense to stay through.

Okay, before I close I’ll show you the progress I have made on my Flagstaff shawl. It’s a fun one and I may very well finish it while I am here. I am almost done with chart 6 out of 7. See you soon!

10 thoughts on “Lots to Catch Up On

  1. Oh my gosh. I feel like I need to immediately go online and buy yarn to make you feel better. I am so bummed that the East Texas Festival cancelled. I think they could have made it happen. It has been so long since we have had the excitement of a yarn fest. Hope the shows are productive for you. Stay safe.

    1. Aww, thank you 😊 💖. I am so bummed about East Texas too. It seemed premature to me but I guess there must be circumstances I may be unaware of. We are grateful for the support the shows have had this year. Hope to see you again soon. Maybe a road trip is in order, lol. I have a few more on the schedule this year. Best to you!

  2. Glad you are ok, ouch on that eye, your truck looks lovely again and your knitting is always stunning. Hope the rest of your festival time is amazing without any problems, enjoy this great autumn weather!!

    1. Thanks and agreed. :-) The weather is lovely here too. Working in the hotel room today, so didn’t get outdoors much but maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

  3. Well, haven’t you been a busy bee! No pun intended. The one thing I dislike about fall festivals are all the bees that come out to play. I am happy you are feeling better. We have a lot of deer in our town and they seem to come out of nowhere. There is very little to be done once you find yourself on the same path as a deer.
    At least your shawl is heading in the right direction!

    1. Yes, I have, LOL! Knitting as often as I can, but haven’t even had a chance today. I’ve been catching up with various tasks today and tending to customer emails. Maybe tonight I can get some knitting done.

  4. I love that shawl! Oh that eye, though! I once forgot to pack nightgowns – while I can sleep in the buff at home, I cannot while I’m in a strange bed. Walmart came to the rescue!

    1. Lol! Yeah I thought about that but the nearest Walmart, believe it or not was about 20 miles from my hotel and there just wasn’t time.

  5. I hit a turkey in the same spot, who would have thought a small turkey could do so much damage! Glad you are better, but ouch on that sting! The shawl will be gorgeous!!

    1. Oh my! Really? A turkey? The shawl is done but I can’t block it until I get home next week. Soon!

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