Lazy days of summer

We are really enjoying our weeks off around here. I am still reading a lot and knitting a little.

The summer is in full swing. The trees are gloriously green and lush. The tomatoes are setting their fruit and we can hardly wait for the first harvest.



We need to get into production mode soon and the orders are in for yarn to dye. The wood shop will also be opened back up soon but for this one more week we take a small break and catch up on life.


The oldest five offspring are off to Holiday World today and then on to their grandma’s for a short visit. I am home with only the husband and the three youngest. I have visions of quiet evenings to read but I doubt that is very realistic. :-)

What am I reading you ask?  Well I finished the latest Dan Brown novel, Inferno. It was okay and certainly was surprising in the ending, but I didn’t care for the preachy way the “crisis” was handled. I give it 3 stars for pure entertainment value and for the fact that he did at least attempt to change up his formula some what.

I immediately started listening to Stephen King’s Joyland and even though I haven’t gotten far I can tell it is going to be good. I have the Audible version since it is only in paperback and I can’t stand reading them since I went digital. ;-)

I also started Age of Innocence for the Classics group on Goodreads. This is very readable and I am enjoying it so far as well.

Okay well maybe I will have some new knitting to show off next post but I hope you don’t mind my sharing my reading with you.

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