Last day in Chicago

We are in Allegan, MI right now for Michigan Fiber Festival. We drove over yesterday morning and set up the booth last night. I have a few pictures, but you have seen so many of those you are probably a bit bored with them at this point. Am I right? LOL!

I do have some more interesting pictures to share with you today from our last day in Chicago on Wednesday. I mentioned that we might go to Brookfield Zoo, and we did in fact do that. We went last year too but the weather was so nice and cool that we couldn’t resist getting out of the hotel and visiting again.

It was surprising less crowded this year. I mean there were plenty of people there but last year we were there on “kids under 12 get in free” day. Oh mercy! This was much better, LOL!

The animals were more active too, so I am sure they were enjoying the unseasonably cool temperature. Check out the lion. It’s so rare to see them this alert in the day in my experience.


Elijah was still “fresh” at this point and liked seeing the animals. This degraded as the day wore on, LOL!


He was the most interested in the creatures that were in water. I am thinking a trip to one of the aquariums near home may be in order next time. :-)


Checking out the seals and sea lions up close and personal.



Sorry the fish got out of focus in these but what I liked about it was seeing Elijah’s interest.


All tuckered out and heading home.


In other news I am pleased to announce that my small Sorrel, also available on Ravelry, is FINALLY finished! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it in my booth this morning even though it still needs to be soaked and blocked. A perfect example of why you should always block your knitting though. Those stitches will fill out and lay much smoother after a soak. I will take more when that is done.

small Sorrel dress in Knitting Notions Classic Merino Bboo hand dyed yarn

Okay, have a great weekend and if you are in the area stop in our booth and say “Hi”. We are in booths 92-93 in the white building which has been renamed again as 9B.

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