Last day in Chicago

Opening night at Stitches Midwest last week were they only pictures I remembered to take and that with my phone. Here are the excited knitters after the gates were opened on Thursday night. :-)

Chicago August 2014 (3)

Here’s a quick shot of my booth before they arrived.

Chicago August 2014 (2)

After the show and the booth was all loaded back I the trailer Cassie and I had three days with no definite plans. I guess I am a bit of a hermit even when I am on the road because we have just kicked around Schaumburg a bit doing some book and music shopping mostly.

This is a little of what I bought and we when we weren’t shopping we have been just reading, listening to new music, watching videos and a little knitting too. No doubt some would find this a boring way to spend your days off but I rather enjoy having nothing to do but bum around every now and then. :-)

Chicago August 2014 (1)

We are staying in a place with a kitchenette so we went to the Whole Foods and stocked up on good stuff so we haven’t had to eat out for the last 9 day at least. I feel better when I eat healthier.

Chicago August 2014 (4)

Today I went to Kohl’s and found a new hand bag and wallet to replace mine which I have been carrying for a long time and they were looking very worn and tired. What do you think? I love the color!

Chicago August 2014 5

We leave for Allegan, Michigan in the morning and will be setting up the booth in the afternoon/evening. Leisure time is over and it’s time to get back to work. Talk to you again from the eastern time zone!

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