Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival 2011

I’ll get back to the workshop pictures next post because I wanted to share my pictures with you from the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in Lexington, KY. We are in the Big Top Tent in booth #38 and will be here tomorrow until 5:00pm. So if you missed us yesterday, please come on out and enjoy the show. There’s lots of things to see and do. Music, food, animals, yarn and fiber, even tractors.

05 20 11_1170.JPG

The boy has an affinity for wool, but of course. We aren’t really too surprised are we?

05 20 11_1172.JPG

That’s my new Cluaranach in the Berry Merino Superwash Sock. Pretty no?

05 20 11_1173.JPG

More shawls; Bee Fields, Lacewing, Fiore d’Melanzana, and Rosebuddie (which is actually a square and meant to be a baby blanket/shawl.

05 20 11_1175.JPG

Here’s our tools display; Nostepinnes, Darning Eggs, Sock keepers, Shawl Pins, and Yarn Bowls

05 20 11_1176.JPG

Yarn swifts a plenty.

05 20 11_1177.JPG

Lots of Little Nothing scarves, socks and yarn of course. Smile

05 20 11_1179.JPG

a better view of the Lacewing shawl in Classic Merino Lace.

05 20 11_1180.JPG

05 20 11_1182.JPG

05 20 11_1184.JPG

That’s me and the boy.

05 20 11_1204.JPG

My favorite sheep picture from the show. I just love that color. Red heart

05 20 11_1206.JPG

See I told you there were tractors. This one appealed to the boy above all the others. I have no clue why he singled this one out except that he appeared to like the little poky rubber bits on the tires. Confused smile

Bye for now and workshop pictures next time. I promise. Smile

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  1. What beautiful wares! …and sunshine too!

    1. Thanks Debbi! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend. :-)

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