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Just because life is good, doesn’t mean it’s perfect

I know it’s been quiet around here since Thanksgiving, sorry about that. I have been dealing with a kidney stone since the Sunday after Thanksgiving but hopefully it will soon pass. I have never had one before and can’t understand how I got it either. I looked up the risks and reasons for them and I don’t fall into any of them other than the fact that my father has had them. I am a poster child for drinking 2 quarts of water a day. It’s a habit that my midwife instilled in me 18 years ago and I always have water. Always. It makes no sense. I kind of wonder about the diagnosis, except that after a trip to the ER where they performed a CT scan which identified a 4.5mm stone and that most of the symptoms fit. But anyway, that’s part of the reason for my absence.  I just hope it passes before the painkillers run out. I am taking them sparingly as needed, since the discomfort comes and goes.  I really hate go to the doctor. Ugh.

Another reason is the dreary weather which makes for a lack of good picture taking. I have taken a few this morning but they aren’t the greatest. I have done some knitting and actually completed a set of Knucks for Joanie. I love this pattern! This is my third pair and could see making more. They are quick, fun to make, an interesting construction, and most of all practical to wear. These are the ones I reach for most of the time when it’s chilly enough to need something warm for my hands.

I have started two other small things, a Fartlek in some leftover Classic Merino Sport which will be for Elijah if it fits and for me if it’s too big for him right now. I never wear hats because I have a ridiculously small head and they look equally ridiculous on me, IMO, but there are times when I simply must get over it and wear one. I think this might possibly work on me. We’ll see.

The other project I started is a simple toe-up sock, plain vanilla probably. I haven’t decided for sure yet. It’s in the other skein of Socks That Rock lightweight I bought at Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair this summer. This are definitely for me.

Remember the Sprossling? Yeah, It’s in time out. Humpf. Okay it’s really my fault. I made the stupidest mistake ever, which I am avoiding fixing by the rash of startitis. It’s actually an easy enough mistake to correct, but I was so annoyed with myself for making it that I just did what any knitter would do in this situation…bury in in the depths of my knitting bag until I can face it again. Heh. Can you spot the glaring problem here?

Yeah, cardigans generally need the fronts to be mirror images, no? I have two left fronts. Argh. It could be worse I guess. I might have knit the whole bloody thing before I saw it. See, I am ever the optimist, even when I am ticked at myself. Heh.

Oh, one other thing I want to mention is that we are having a Holiday Giveaway over on the business Facebook page.  Go on over and leave a comment on the thread for a chance to win a skein of yarn. It’s our little way of giving back to all of our fans and supporters. We would appreciate if you would Like our page while you are there too!

In closing I leave you with this picture of holiday cheer.

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