It’s almost time

I predict it won’t be too much longer before Usonian will be complete and I am actually looking forward to blocking for a change. Why you ask? I have been meaning to try out some new to me blocking tools. Maybe you have heard of them? They are called Knit Blockers. My friend Dee O’Keefe uses these and seems to like them a lot so I decided to order a set and give them a try. I ordered mine from Amazon along with a set of blocking mats. I have been using my bed to block on and that can be a bit limiting when it’s only empty for about a fourth of the day since my husband works second shift. ;-) Now I should have some flexibility and not have to wait until afternoon to block out a shawl. Blocking wires work fine and I will probably still find them useful, but I am looking forward to seeing if these work better for most things.

I have progressed on the shawl to chart 18 out of 20. Chart 18 is 40 rows in all and I am on row 14 so it’s one of the larger sections but it’s pretty fast and uncomplicated so I still hope to be ready to block it out within the next week or two.

Since it’s the start of the year there are lots of end of the year bookkeeping tasks breathing down my neck which cuts into knitting time I am afraid. Add to that, school time with my 8 year old and housekeeping, but I am a woman capable of powering through a to-do list. ;-) Never fear!

4 thoughts on “It’s almost time

  1. I have been using these Knit Blockers for at least 5 years now–I will tell you that one set won’t even begin to be enough to do this shawl–I have 4 sets and have run out on several of my larger shawls!! But, I do love them and also the foam blocking mats–have 4 sets of those also as one set will hardly do a small triangular scarf. You can also use the foam interlocking children’s play mats–they work just as well with the blocking pins.

    1. Yes, I did wonder whether this set would be enough. I will probably get a few more sets if they work well for me. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Please post about how the blocking mats go as I have been looking at that set and thinking about buying them:)

    1. I will do that. :-)

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