Iolanthe Shawl

IolantheShawl2015 (2)

It is still gray out today here in Nashville but at least it’s not freezing cold, so I managed to get a few finished shots of Iolanthe Shawl this morning.

IolantheShawl2015 (3)

It wasn’t easy getting good shots of this shawl. The color is a challenge for the camera on my Galaxy S5 (which is pretty good generally) and the stitch patterns are difficult to capture the texture accurately.

IolantheShawl2015 (4)

I measured the shawl before I soaked and blocked it and it was 45” at the top edge and 21” down the center spine. After blocking it measures about 63” at the top edge and down the center spine it is 29”. Those dimensions are pretty close to the pattern specs of 65” top edge and 28” center spine.

IolantheShawl2015 (5)

I used 160g (690 yards) of Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn on size 5 US needles. You can use any fingering weight yarn of course but I recommend one with a tight twist since the stitch definition will add dimension to the lace design.

IolantheShawl2015 (7)

This was a very fun and interesting shawl to make and I think it will be popular in the booth next year.

IolantheShawl2015 (1)

I made some progress on Culpeper which you can see here. I finished the second chart and am ready for the next increase which will take the stitch count from 85 to 165. I will probably go ahead and switch over to my 32” needle when I do that. I cast on to a 24” #5 Addi Turbo Lace because I find it less fiddly working with a shorter length until the work gets big enough to weigh down the cable. It drives me bonkers when the cable is flipping around on me.

CulpeperShawlWIP (2)

If I don’t see you again before the holidays I will go ahead and wish you a Merry Christmas!!

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