In Schaumburg…

We had a safe and uneventful trip to Chicago on Tuesday. There were a few glitches with our hotel room, but we were able to work them out. The most notable was that we were given a handicap accessible room. Now this wouldn’t be too much of a problem except for the fact that we have a 2 year old along and there is only a shower. No tub. On the bright side it is a big one and we just happened to have a 18 gallon storage tote along that we used to pack our food in. Now, I guess I do have to give my husband the credit for this idea when I explained our situation. It works at least. :-) Before you ask, yes we did try to change rooms, but the only ones with a bed, sofa sleeper and room for an air mattress (ours) was this one. Oh well, it’s fine in the end. The best part is the full kitchen so we don’t have to eat out for a week and a half. There’s no oven, just a microwave and cooktop, but it’s better that take out. :-)


Elijah thought this was a BLAST! LOL!


Yesterday morning was booth setup time which we were done with by noon.



We went back to the room and had lunch of sandwiches and then set out to shop for groceries for the week. We are going to stay here until next Thursday when we head over to Holland, MI where we always stay while we are vending at the Michigan Fiber Festival. I considered going on to MI on Monday and spend the layover days there where we could go to the lake or something, but the room here with the kitchenette and the extended stay rates was a way better option. I guess we will have to think up a few little things to do while we are here. We have three days to fill. Any suggestions? Remember the above mentioned toddler in your ideas, LOL!

So after the grueling 2 1/2 hours of shopping with the above adorable child, who is BTW in no way that adorable while grocery shopping let me tell you, we were back in time to fix dinner and settle in for the night. We have the only the 5-8pm student preview tonight so we will just cook for lunch and have our light meal tonight after we get back.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will of course be busy work days, at least we sure hope so. :-)  I may not have time to post until after the show. Oh, I have had a bit of knitting time but didn’t take a new picture. Just imagine the vest front about 4”longer. ;-)

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