In Chicago

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon in the mid-90 degree heat. I am pretty sure this is the only time we have been in Chicago and it was this warm. It doesn’t bother me, since we are accustomed to heat. It was however about ten degrees cooler today, and it has been forecasted to remain around that or a bit cooler for the duration of our stay. I won’t bore you with more talk of traffic or weather though. Shall we get right to the pictures?2012 06 21_1326.JPG

2012 06 21_1321_edited-1.JPG

As I mentioned before we are going to try out a yarn winding station so here’s how we have that set up. 2012 06 21_1315.JPG

2012 06 21_1316.JPG

All of the vendors were granted some extra room this year and we took advantage of it by stretching out and I am very pleased with how the booth looks. I am afraid the pictures don’t do it justice. You will just have to come by and see for yourself. :-)2012 06 21_1317.JPG

The market is open 10am-6pm on Friday, Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

2012 06 21_1331.JPG

2012 06 21_1329.JPG

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