I’m Obsessed

Okay so this sweater is addictive apparently. I can’t seem to tear myself away from it to get back to my other knitting project.

I started working on the yoke decreases with good intentions to just, you know, do a few rows to get it going.

As you can see above, I got my row counter app set up to manage all the stuff I need to keep track of, and that is helping alot. The problem is that I keep finding reasons to just keep going. I set little goals and when I reach them, can’t resist setting the next one….and so here we are. As those rows get shorter and shorter it’s tempting to stay on it, if you know what I mean. I blame inertia. :-)

How are you all doing in your Christmas preparations? I am not a huge fan of the holidays to be honest but I am making my baking list, buying some gifts for the children and avoiding putting up a tree. I am considering just stringing lights on the picture window and call it good. I will mention if you are so inclined to consider a little something for the knitter in your life, even if that’s yourself, that there is still time to order for Christmas from the website. We have a variety of hand made wood tools and of course hand dyed yarn is a gift every knitter appreciates. ;-)

3 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed

  1. I am loving the way the sweater is knitting up!

    1. Thanks, me too :-)

  2. Oh yeah, when I get down to the ever shorter rows, I don’t want to stop. That sweater is beautiful.

    This is likely my dad’s last Christmas and while I want to make it as good as possible for him, I cannot get in the spirit, beyond the gifts waiting to be wrapped, at my house. My advent calendar this year is bottles of wine. And I’m only 2 bottles behind… I haven’t drank this much alcohol since college.

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