I used to be a Knitter….

I have not knit a single stitch since my last post. Sob. I miss knitting, really I do.

I did get some dyeing done, so there was yarn in my week. Honestly though dyeing is work to me, not like knitting at all. LOL!  It needed doing and if I don’t set priorities and be firm about them, all these balls I am juggling will come crashing down.  Paperwork is still waiting and the repair on the trailer brake system so those will need to get done this week. New swifts need bags made and packed too, before SAFF. Oh, and third quarter sales taxes are due this month for the states that I am required to file quarterly with. Oh, joy. LOL

What else has been keeping me busy? Well, I have been working with my son-in-law on my website, getting some stuff reworked and exploring some possible changes for the near future.  I would really like to get a new logo and some graphics designed. Anyone know a good one? I am open to barter but am perfectly happy to pay for it too. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

I have been reading at least, since I do that before sleeping as a way to settle my mind in for sleep I guess. I have still been reading the Alan Jacobson books still. I am on the fourth Karen Vail book, which is Inmate 1577 and yeah, they are a tiny bit cheesy in their dialogue, kind of like watching an episode of Criminal Minds or something, but I can enjoy it despite that. I can overlook it if it’s other wise entertaining, which to me they both are. This book is basically a stand alone volume, but if you have already read the other three you have a head start on knowing the characters. He does refer to pertinent content from previous cases when it is necessary or if it will introduce an aspect of a character that adds understanding to this story, so again you could read it by itself. But then again why would you do that? Don’t you feel like I do, that series books MUST BE read in sequence or why bother? That’s normal, right?

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  1. oh, nook upgrade… :)

  2. My friend Catie is an awesome graphic designer – check out here web site here: http://feindesigns.net/

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