Hoosier Hills, new sweater and Nook

Sorry for the lack of a promised update but we were pretty busy and by the time we got to the hotel at night, too tired to do much. We had a lovely time seeing everyone and we heartily thank all who came in to our booth! This is such a nice facility and we are hoping this show continues to grow and be more and more successful for all involved. Anyway, without further ado I will share a few booth shots, including a picture of my finished Bel Air sans buttons. I completed the second sleeve and seamed it up in the hotel on Friday morning. Yay!  Modeled shots to come later when I get some buttons.

Bel Air in booth

06 03 11_1295.JPG

06 03 11_1296.JPG

06 03 11_1297.JPG

06 03 11_1301.JPG

06 03 11_1303.JPG

We got home from Indiana on Sunday afternoon and what did I find waiting for me? Why, my new Nook Simple Touch Reader! I had no problems with my original 3G Nook, but was attracted to many of the new capabilities of the new version. I don’t miss any of the things they left off since they didn’t happen to be things I used my Nook for anyway. I am not much for games, have a laptop and a smartphone for email and internet, and an iPod for music and audiobooks. I want my reader to do one thing and do it well. Read books. This new Nook is exactly what I wanted with even more of what I wanted and nothing I didn’t care about. So far my only minor annoyance is that it doesn’t access my current wish list created on BN.com. My original Nook did this and I used that feature a lot. You do have the ability to create a wish list from the device, but I will have to start over to do that. I really love the Facebook and Twitter connections and the much improved highlighting, note taking, and look up features. I don’t use them all that much but it’s good to know they are there and easy to use. Also love the interface for fine tuning text, fonts, etc. It’s similar to the Nook for Android which I have on my phone with some additional functionality. Battery usage does seem much better. I left my Wi-Fi on and will just to see how far it goes that way, then I will try it off after a re-charge and compare. Anyway after fully charging, I played around with it a lot last night and read for an hour or two. This morning the battery was still at 94%, with Wi-Fi on, so not too shabby.  Here she is!

New Nook Simple Touch Reader

4 thoughts on “Hoosier Hills, new sweater and Nook

  1. What pattern is that gorgouuuus pink shawl?

    1. Well hello Polly! It’s good to hear from you.
      To answer your question, that is Anne Hanson’s Rosebuddie which though designed as a baby blanket/shawl, it doesn’t have to be for a baby. ;-) Our sample is the petite size using 3 skeins of Classic Merino Superwash Sock in the Tea Rose color.

      1. Gotta make it! It’s way too gorgeous! I just finished a pavo with some superwash sock in thyme (?); it’s such a lovely color too.

      2. Had to go stalk your Rav projects to see it. It’s oh so pretty!!Pavo shawlette

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