Highlights of the Week in Virginia

2012 10 01_2009.JPG

While I was working the booth last weekend the girls and Elijah found plenty to do to keep themselves entertained. The weather was a nice and a little cool.

2012 10 01_2005.JPG

Elijah was drawn as usual to the machinery and equipment.

2012 10 01_1999.JPG

The sheep dog herding must have caught his interest too.

2012 10 01_1985.JPG

These alpacas were intensely interested in him too. The girls said they wouldn’t stop following him when he moved. Too funny!

2012 10 01_1955.JPG

On Monday we decided to do a bit of hiking in the Shenandoah National Park.

2012 10 02_2047.JPG

We picked a short piece of the Appalachian Trail that was not too strenuous and was close to the Front Royal end of the park where we came in.

2012 10 02_2063.JPG

It’s a good thing that Meredith carried Elijah because it was an uphill climb on the way in. We went up over 800 feet in elevation in less than a mile. I look a bit winded, yes? LOL!

2012 10 02_2090.JPG

Here was the view of the overlook at the destination.

2012 10 02_2069.JPG

We would have like to hike to a waterfall but the 48 mile drive each way plus a 4 mile hike seemed like a bit much for us with a 2 year old. Maybe another year we will make there.

2012 10 02_2105.JPG

This cool column rock formation was the other interesting sight to see.

2012 10 02_2094.JPG

On Tuesday we didn’t do anything much since it was raining most of the day. We went to the local mall and did a little shopping.

Wednesday we drove to the Vienna Metro Station in Fairfax and rode the Metro into D.C. We met up with Heather and all the little girls for a day of sightseeing.

2012 10 04_2249.JPG

We got off the Orange Line at the Smithsonian. Very cool to see the Capital Building right after we walked out on the Mall.

2012 10 04_2220.JPG

We headed over to the Museum of Natural History since that was what everyone most wanted to see.

2012 10 04_2207.JPG

This is the Monster Snake model which was pretty sobering.

2012 10 04_2178.JPG

We couldn’t get Elijah to stay still long enough to get in this shot, LOL!

2012 10 04_2164.JPG

Until we saw this exhibit that is, which we could hardly peel him away from.

2012 10 04_2161.JPG

Emma with the giant squid. What a ham.

2012 10 04_2235.JPG

After the museum it was time for lunch.

2012 10 04_2231.JPG

We ended up having a blast feeding  the birds which will practically eat out of your hands. Willow wanted so bad to catch one .

2012 10 04_2247.JPG

We figured we wanted to be back on the Metro headed out of D.C. by 3 pm at the latest to avoid the worst of rush hour so we had just enough time to walk to the Washington Monument.

2012 10 04_2151_edited-1.JPG

When we got there we were disappointed that we couldn’t go in. It was closed for renovations.

2012 10 04_2259.JPG

We did manage to get a shot of everyone except Meredith in this time. She was the photographer. :-)

2012 10 04_2154.JPG

Then we headed back to the Metro station.

We just hung out in the room most of the day today and got the laundry done. We are leaving Winchester tomorrow for the next show, the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia on the grounds of James Madison’s Montpelier estate. See you soon!

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