Happy Independence Day!

nashville fireworks

I didn’t take these great pictures. I found them online this morning. They are the spectacular fireworks display here in Nashville. It is one of the largest displays in the country.


Jerry takes the children to see them most years if he can. I usually elect to stay home with the little ones. I don’t mind. since I don’t like the crowds and noise. It also gives me a little quiet time. They are really awesome though.

nashville fireworks 2

I remember as a child being so excited about going to the display with my Grandmother in Jacksonville, FL. My brother and I would go spend several weeks there every summer and the fireworks and the beach were our favorite activities.

2012 07 04_1347.JPG

I am ready to start the armhole shaping on the Sticks and Stones vest. It seems like my progress is slow I know, but I only have an hour a day on average to knit.

I have been working this week on getting some book keeping chores done as well as getting back on track with the children’s school work. We follow an all year schedule, with 9 weeks on and 4 weeks off. July is the start of a new term for us. Joanie is now finished with high school, so half of my children are graduated. That’s a little hard to believe. She already got her Graduation present early. She wanted a Nook Tablet, so we got that in May. It does come in handy in the truck to entertain Elijah sometimes.

I will leave you with a picture from SSK last weekend. We had a great time and hop they will have it here again because I would be thrilled to go back.

2012 06 30_1346_edited-1.JPG

2012 06 30_1345_edited-1.JPG

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