Great Lakes Fiber Festival

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Thankfully I was worried for nothing and there is no water in the buildings or the parking areas around them. We setup this morning with no problems at all. Yay! There was some water still lower in the fairgrounds but the festival areas are just fine. Whew! Anyway we are in our usual spot in booths 31-33 in the white building across from the grassy area where there are always some animal vendors.

The booth is looking great with lots of beautiful new knit samples, so come on out and see for yourself.

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Someone is all tuckered out from all that work. Smile

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Oh, I am only about 30 pages away from finishing The Hunger Games. I expect to finish it tonight and start Catching Fire. Smile

6 thoughts on “Great Lakes Fiber Festival

  1. Wonderful seeing you again this year!! Thanks for your help choosing colors, too. My yarn winder will be smoking by the time I get done… :)

    1. Always a pleasure seeing you Debbi. :-) I was glad to help. I am looking forward to seeing that shawl!

  2. I’ve been so out of the knitting loop lately, I didn’t even realize you had a blog! I really enjoyed browsing your booth yesterday–I thought some of those samples were ones I hadn’t seen before.

    1. It’s alright that you didn’t know. I just started it in April. Glad you stopped in to read it. :-) I am having fun with it.

  3. I really enjoyed looking through your booth at the show. It was the first time I attended the show and your booth was one of my favorites. I am really on a yarn diet this year, so I didn’t buy any. I did buy some patterns and my friend bought both. However, I see the same colors I liked at the show on your website and I am getting tempted……..

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for your compliments and for dropping in on my blog to say hello! :-)

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