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Well I finished the book I was reading The 7th Victim that I told you about last week and it was quite an interesting read. Now, I admit that I saw where it was going, long before the main character did, but there was a twist I hadn’t predicted. I am excited to start the next episode in Crush. As I said before, I think, this is not the genre I usually read, but it is one of my favorite TV/Movie genres. It’s nice to have light reading sometimes in between more challenging stuff, no?

I am still listening to the The Moonstone when I can and it’s wrapping up the mystery about now in the last two hours. Being 19th century English literature, it’s much more descriptive and complex. It’s got a larger cast of characters some of which you don’t get much advantage to know very well, so I find I can’t listen to it and be doing something that requires my full concentration. I mostly listen while driving or occasionally while knitting something easy, like a simple sock.

I will be on the road next week on the way to Allegan, MI for the Michigan Fiber Festival so that will be a good chance to finish it up. I haven’t yet picked out what other book I will download for the trip. I found none of the 3 for 2 credit offerings at this week to my liking, but I do have quite a few in my wish list. I am leaning towards Christine Falls or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets such mixed reviews that I am not sure I even want that one. I am pretty sure I would like Christine Falls. Anyone got any feedback on either of these?

Knitting is still moving along at a snail’s pace. I have started the gusset on the second sock but that’s it. No new picture. Just scroll down and imagine that one a little longer. Winking smile

We have been labeling yarn and packing more stock in the trailer for our trip next week. We are going to Allegan, MI, as I said above and from there we will go straight to Schaumburg, IL for Stitches Midwest. We will be in booths 323-325. I’ll be blogging more from the shows. Smile

Okay parting picture for the day (can’t have a post without a picture) are these of Elijah playing on Emma’s bed among her menagerie.

2011 08 03_1899


2011 08 03_1900


2011 08 03_1901

2 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. Try the Girl with Dragon Tattoo. It is wonderful. A little violent, but amazing character development and wonderful plot. ANd since you have three credits you can listen to all three books. Thanks for the heads up I just downloaded Christine Falls from audible.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations and I think I will give at the first one a try. I am pretty sure I will get Christine Falls too.

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