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JimiShawl (1)

Well I think I have discovered just why Jimi is so popular with the knitters in Dee’s Ravelry group. It is wicked fast to knit. I am only 10 rows away from completion and that’s after adding six stripes to that section to make it a bit bigger since my yarn is lighter than the original yarn used. It is great movie knitting too for obvious reasons. To be fair I have had more knitting time the last two days than I normally do because of my layover between festivals in Virginia but still it is a fast and satisfying project.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (4)

I did a tiny bit of sightseeing here in Winchester yesterday. I visited the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and spent a couple hours wandering about. It was all self guided which I much prefer. I have more pictures than these but I didn’t want to overload the post so here are a few highlights.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (2)

This miniature and the one made from a stump above were exquisitely hand made from wood. This castle is assembled from little “bricks” made from mahogany and cherry.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (6)

I just had to show you the spinning wheel. There were some needle work pieces but the pictures weren’t as good.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (9)

They have a neat collection of miniatures but despite the fancier houses I was drawn to this one. I suppose it is more the kind of place I probably would have lived in if I had lived a couple hundred years ago.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (14)

The gardens were very nice to stroll through. I put on my headphones and listened to the Brandenburg Concertos and some Mozart.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (15)

I was particularly drawn to the Water Garden area.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (16)

This little sitting area would make lovely reading spot, wouldn’t it?

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (17)

Here’s the view from inside where you can see the pond.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (18)

There are some pretty big fish in it.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (19)

Cool little walk through in the stone wall that enters into the Oriental Garden.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (20)

I loved this little bridge and what is at the bottom of it…

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (21)

It reminds me of Frodo’s door. Okay, I know it’s fancier but it’s the round part that was so cool to me.

ShenandoahValleyMuseum (22)

It has been raining a lot here and I am concerned about this coming weekend. The Fall Fiber Festival is all in tents and all the vendor and customer parking is on the field. It is really nasty when wet. It is not raining today at least so I am going out to do a little grocery shopping. Hoping the hurricane in the Atlantic veers out to sea and some drying out can happen before Friday.

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