Culpeper Shawl..What’s Next?

It’s mighty cold in these parts which is why the pictures of Culpeper are not stellar. I got a few quick shots out on the porch and high tailed it back inside. So I beg you to stretch your imagination a bit and imagine it much lovelier than it is here depicted. At some point I may have some better ones but this is it while the mercury is reading in the teens and twenties outside. Smile

cupeper-blocking (2)

I almost forgot that I got a couple shots while it was blocking so I will start with that.

culpeper-blocked (4)

Here’s a close up of the upper patterns and lower patterns, taken for detail but the color is not saturated enough.

culpeper-blocked (5)

There is certainly a big change in how the stitch patterns look compared to it prior to blocking, isn’t there? Here’s a reminder of the difference. Below is the pre-blocking fresh off the needles picture from last week. Huge difference huh?

culpepercomplete-preblocking (1)

And here’s the whole thing laid out rather un-artfully I admit, but it’s January. We are lucky the sun was out today. Winking smile

culpeper-blocked (3)

I am ashamed to confess that I have yet to pick my next big project but I did make good on the hat. It is currently in progress and will soon be a finished object. I expect to finish it tonight. More next time on the “next big thing”.


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