Color Trials

2013 07 03_3943_edited-1.JPG

The following are the first trials of four possible new colors. Of these peach samples I am leaning towards the lighter version on the top since it is the most different to any in the current color palette. I like the darker one too, but it’s a similar value to the Persimmon, so the lighter one is a better choice for balance. This is the only color I was pleased with in the first batch.

I was going for the chip called Frosty Melon, and got pretty close. :-) Might even go with that name. What do you think?

2013 07 03_3948.JPG

This is the initial trial for the purple. I am going for the color in the middle and as you can see the hue is a bit too blue so back to the drawing board.

2013 07 03_3901.JPG

Top ones are the first samples. The bottom sets are much closer to the sample card with the one on the left being the winner. I like the bottom right sample a lot but it’s not quite what I was going for. The challenge in naming this one is that on each base it looks different. Any suggestions?

2013 07 03_3949_edited-1.JPG

Okay now on to the yellow candidates. Here are the first samples and I wasn’t sure which color on the card I wanted so tried a couple values. The consensus is that the darker value (bottom) is more interesting and wearable. What do you think?

I also wasn’t sure about the brightness and couldn’t resist the urge to try it a bit more muted so I lowered the intensity and this is the result.

2013 07 03_3899_edited-1.JPG

The ones at the left are the lightest (top above) the middle ones are the darker (bottom above) and the ones on the right side are the tweaked version. The girls all prefer the middle (bright dark) version. I like the muted one of course but the main question is which do you find most wearable? The bright Summer Squash color or the earthy Maize color?

2013 07 03_3951.JPG

Finally the pink trial. I was going for the lighter card on the top of the card, but tried a darker value in case the middle color would strike my fancy more. We are on the fence about which one to go with. Is it too bright and Barbie-ish? Would you wear it?

I decided to tweak it a bit and see how I liked that but I think I was to cautious since I can barely discern any difference. I only tried it out on the lighter version.

2013 07 03_3900_edited-1.JPG

The left side and middle are the first and second trials of the light value and the right side samples are the dark version. My leaning is towards the one on the left. No name ideas yet but it begs a flower name don’t you think? Peony? Azalea? Something else?

2013 07 03_3914_edited-1.JPG

My little one turned 3 yesterday. Hard to believe isn’t it? You can’t see his new Thomas the train in this picture but that us what he’s doing. We took him up to pick a toy and trains are his current favorite thing.

2013 07 03_3926_edited-1.JPG

Happy Birthday baby boy!

2 thoughts on “Color Trials

  1. Happy Birthday Elijah! (How is he three?!)

    How about ‘DYEnamic Purple’, ‘Varying Violet’, or ‘Capricious Clematis’? Also, I know where you can get rid of any of those purples that didn’t work out. ;)

    1. I love those ideas! I am happy to pass them on but just so you know they are only mini 10 g skeins and some have knots and uneven spots from the end of the cones. ;-)

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