Carolina Fiber Festival 2012

I know I have been neglecting you dear blog. I will be honest with you. I am an introvert. As a business owner I can do many things well and efficiently, but being “out there” is a big challenge for me. I was not raised to put myself forward, invite myself, or anything like that. I am of an independent spirit, a self-starter and have a good measure of self-discipline, which are good qualities I think but they aren’t enough in and of themselves as the “face” of a business that must sell to survive.

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Also while I am a voracious reader and lover of language I am not equally skilled in writing. In starting this blog I wanted to stretch myself and hopefully develop these qualities and skills. I needed a reason to hone my writing skills and try to come out of my shell some. I am not one to blather on about my thoughts, except to myself that is. I have this tendency to feel I must have something more “important” or news-worthy in order to communicate with those outside my family or my own ears. I am working on it, but it remains a challenge. So if I am sporadic in posting this is part of it. Other times I may just not have the time to get to it. You know how that goes, right? What with the online shop, shows, production, bookkeeping, family duties, home education, etc.. Something has to give some days and unfortunately the blog is one of those less essential tasks. I would love to be able to set a higher priority on it but eating tends to take a precedent, LOL!

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Anyway, we made it home safely from our last adventure with only a one day delay. We set out yesterday for our current locale of Sanford, NC for the Carolina Fiber Festival. You can find out all the pertinent info by clicking the link so I will reserve my comments to the fact that it is our first year at this show. The organizers are lovely and do their jobs very well so we are sure it is going to be a great show.

2013 04 05_3547009.jpg

We set up the booth this morning and will be returning this evening for the market preview from 4-6pm.

2013 04 05_3543005.jpg

I remembered to take the camera today so for now I will leave you with some shots of our booth.  2013 04 05_3539001.jpg

2013 04 05_3540002.jpg

2013 04 05_3541003.jpg

2013 04 05_3544006.jpg

2013 04 05_3545007.jpg

2013 04 05_3548010.jpg

6 thoughts on “Carolina Fiber Festival 2012

  1. Oh, how I wish you all were coming to Maryland Sheep and Wool in May!! :(

    1. Me too, but the wait list is sooo long. :-(

      1. I didn’t realize there was a wait list! That bites! I enjoyed visiting your booth at the fiber festival in Montpelier and was so impressed with your merchandise. I ADORE the swift I bought and recommend it to anyone who is looking for one. :)

      2. Yep. It’s no fun applying every year and not getting in. Oh well there are plenty of other great shows which I am able to attend. Gotta count your blessings. :-)

  2. What a lovely booth you have. I really love how you hang your yarn, it gives a much better sense of color and feel. As for the blogging bit, I hear you! It’s hard to maintain, and hard to not feel kind of naked just putting your thoughts out there! I’m sure you’ll have TONS of free time someday to tell us how you really feel :)

  3. Yes on the blogging. I think you do a very nice job of it, btw. I always enjoy your posts. :-)
    Thanks for the compliments on our booth. I think it’s important to see the yarn in full, especially with hand dyed yarn, Plus it’s easier to feel it as you say. :-)

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