An Unfortunate Turn of Events

I spent a few days getting some work done at the hotel plus a bit of knitting and reading. Wednesday afternoon everything changed though. I had been planning to work some more on pattern writing through Thursday and on Friday drive to Orange, VA to set up the booth. Hurricane Ian caused an unexpected and unfortunate turn of events. The festival decided that it would be best to cancel since it is an all outdoors event. It was disappointing but probably the right call. It is a right mess there when it rains a lot. It’s no fun having all your inventory in a tent under those conditions and driving in trucks and trailers on muddy fields is not for the faint of heart. LOL!

So I am home and have a weekend off that I didn’t expect. It’s just as well since I need to get in some yarn dyeing and now I have 5 days instead of 2 to get it done. We also got a call from the mill and they brought me 18# of fiber to dye as well. There are some more Nostepinnes and Darning Eggs that Jerry made while I was gone to get finished and labeled.

He’s still got more blanks roughed to make more of both.

I am mixing up dyes today with the plan to get the dyeing done over the next day or two.

In knitting news, I have almost finished the Gridiron Sock but I am almost sure I am going to run out of yarn. I will dig up something to finish out the toe. They are for myself and I don’t mind.

6 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Turn of Events

  1. Well, that’s a bummer, but you are right about it being a good call. Question: does Jerry make spinning stools?

    1. Yeah it is. To answer your question, no he doesn’t.

  2. I taught classes at an event several years ago that saw a rain storm all day long. By the time I left I was having issues finding a road home that wasn’t flooded. An hour after I left a levee broke and the town flooded. Glad I got out when I did. Felt sorry for the vendors who were still there.

    1. Oh my, that is terrible! Good that you were fine of course but yes so tragic for those vendors.

  3. That is a shame about the festival. Glad you were able to use the free time. I ADORE you darning eggs. Even though I don’t need one, I want one!! Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks 😊

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