Almost There

YarnBox-production2018 (1)

We put in a couple more long days in the wood shop and have a batch of 70 Mahogany and Walnut Yarn Boxes completed. I will be adding them to the website within a few days, as soon as they have the finish dry so I can photograph them. We have 114 more ready to be assembled and completed as soon as we can get to them, but hopefully these will carry us until that time. They will most likely be postponed a bit while we make a batch of Yarn Swifts first.

This is how they looked yesterday before we put on the finish.

YarnBox-production2018 (2)

YarnBox-production2018 (4)

They are currently waiting for the finish to cure, then I will label them and pack some in the trailer for our opening round of fiber festivals next week and the following week; Madison Knitting Guild Knit-In and Stitches United.

I am very excited to announce that my Honeydew Shawl (working title but not sure if it will stick) is off the needles! It’s not blocked yet and I have some ends to weave in, but here’s the preview shot.

honeydewshawl (1)

I am not sure if I can manage getting the pattern written up before I leave for Knit-In on Thursday. I need to have someone proof my charts and stuff. I will let you know when it’s up on Ravelry and the website. What do you think of the name? I admittedly haven’t put too much effort into the name thus far. I was seriously wondering if it would ever be finished, LOL! The name comes from the color of the yarn I used. I could go for something that reflects the stitch patterns I guess. Is there a recognizable theme there? Not sure.

So, I have absolutely nothing on the needles right now. There are a few samples I could start. More on that when I decide. I’ll probably just take the night off, LOL!

Before I close, Jerry and I celebrated with a well earned night out last night. We randomly picked the Bavarian Bierhaus and had a fantastic time. Great food, excellent beer, and a live band! I highly recommend it.

BavarianBierhaus (1)

BavarianBierhaus (3)

BavarianBierhaus (2)

4 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. The yarn boxes are gorgeous! Since the main pattern is leafish, what about Canopy?

    1. Thank you. :-) That’s a pretty good idea too. I will keep it in mind.

  2. That center stitch pattern has always reminded me of candle flames.

    1. Yes, that’s right! I think it’s called that too. Something to think about. Thanks :-)

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