Almost Break Time…Sort Of

I am leaving tomorrow for Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair in Newark. It is a one day show, Saturday 9-5. I will be doing the set up before the show Saturday morning and then packing up at 5. It’s a challenge to do that but it will be fine. I did it last year. So I am driving up tomorrow and will be home on Sunday afternoon.

After this I will be home until the second week in August. That sounds like a break, and it is, but while I am home we will be dyeing this yarn that arrived yesterday.

That is over 450 pounds of yarn. I am looking forward to using my new drying lines though, so there is that. 😁

In knitting news, I am about to start chart 2 on my Midlothian shawl. I thought I was done with chart 1 and had done 6 rows of chart 2. I began row 7 and I had too many stitches for it to work. So, after an investigation and ripping out those 6.5 rows, I am ready to go again. I will be doing one more repeat of chart 1 for a total of 23 instead of 21. I really hope this won’t necessitate using more than 2 skeins. It was either this option or I would have to rip back 4 more rows.

I still haven’t started my other shawl or the second sock. I was sorely tempted last night to avoid the ripping back until later but I pushed through. 🙃 See you soon 😊.

4 thoughts on “Almost Break Time…Sort Of

  1. Maybe I will meet you in person! I’m hoping to stop by.

    1. I would like that very much! Hope you can make it.

  2. What a pretty colorway! Is that a new one?

    And oh my, 450 pounds of yarn!!!!!???? Can’t even imagine! You are a rock star. ;)

    1. Hi Dee, thanks! Yes, it is a new color. It is a lot of yarn but we have to do it in big batches due to the show schedule. I’m used to it but yeah it’s hard work. 🙂 I have Jerry to help me now with some of the heavy lifting, so that makes a big difference too.

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