All loaded up for the road

We were back to work yesterday bright and early, and it’s a good thing we got it done when we did since it’s looking like rain today.

loading trailer april 2012-5.JPG

Believe it or not it is a full day’s work just to get all the new inventory properly packed and loaded into the trailer. It would be easy enough if we just simply stuck it in new totes and put them in there, but if we did it that way it would get immensely complicated to find everything and to set up our booth. loading trailer april 2012-4.JPG

We devised a system which allows us to take out a minimum of totes to set up at shows and still have our whole line displayed. The remaining totes have all the rest of the inventory for restocking the booth, sorted by yarn type and color family. It is easier to find what we need this way, but it also means ALL the totes have to come out when we incorporate new stock. loading trailer april 2012-1.JPG

Add to that, the new colors moving in to their respective totes and  moving to separate totes all the discontinued colors that they are replacing…and yeah, it’s a big job. loading trailer april 2012-3.JPG

My plan for today is to get all the computer related stuff done. That involves updating my inventory software with the new totals and adding new entries for the new colors. Then there is photo editing of those new color pictures and uploading them to the website while creating the new entries for them at the same time. After that is updating the website with the new inventory totals for the current yarn colors that we restocked. THEN comes all the promotional stuff so our customers know that we have new products. People like to hear about the new stuff, you know. We are all about the “new and shiny” aren’t we? LOL!loading trailer april 2012-2.JPG

You know, I doubt many people who haven’t run a business, have a full understanding of the extent of work involved in it. I know I didn’t. But you know what else? Aside from raising my family, it is both the most demanding and most gratifying work I have ever done. I am darn proud of what we have accomplished thus far, and wouldn’t trade the last six and a half years of learning for anything. Smile

Before closing, I want to mention that I finished 11/22/63 yesterday and Wow! It was worth the read. Of course as a long time Stephen King fan I was not surprised in the least by this. He has a gift of storytelling that appeals to me in an unique way. I am not sure I can put my finger on it, but I think it’s in the characters. No matter whether they are likeable or not, you want to know more. You are right there while you are reading and even when you aren’t, they are in your mind. They seem somehow real. Anyway, give this one a read. You won’t regret it.

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