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Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Wow, sorry for the hiatus. We are in Yellow Springs, OH this weekend for the Wool Gathering festival at Young’s Jersey Diary. It is such a great show and the weather is beautiful as usual. This is a very good thing since it is all in big tents. :-)

We don’t have much down time while we are here since we drive up and set up in one day and then the show hours on Saturday and Sunday keep us pretty busy until late in the evening. By the time we leave from the market each night it’s time to get supper, get the baby fed and bathed and I have inventory and end of day sales reports to do. If I don’t do these tasks in small increments they pile up on me and overwhelm me. I have found that for me it’s best to nip them in the bud ASAP.

We will be heading back home for a ten day break from shows to get caught up on home and family stuff plus some restocking. We will be heading up to Virginia for two weeks which we are really looking forward to as much for the two shows, as to seeing our family which is near by. My second oldest daughter and her family are near Baltimore so we will get to spend some time with them while we are there. :-)

My poor Sticks and Stones vest hasn’t gotten any attention since I cast on for my Twig and Leaf, on which I have almost completed the lacy part. I have about 10 more rows to go on that part. Don’t worry I will get back to my neglected vest soon. I do have a progress picture of the shawl for you.


Oh, I almost forgot about this gorgeous rainbow I captured while we were in Wisconsin last weekend. I was going out to the truck to go pick up some Culver’s for supper one evening and there it was. I don’t think my picture does it justice but I had to try.

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