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Wool Gathering 2011-Yellow Springs Ohio

Wool Gathering 2011

Ack! So sorry for the tardiness in posting. Six festivals in seven weeks makes for a lot of work and not much time for knitting or blogging. I did get a tiny bit of knitting done in my booth this past weekend, but not much. In fact I think I am going to have to rip back several rounds on the mitts since I don’t like how I was doing the increases in pattern. That’s what I get for doing it in my booth with frequent interruptions. Sigh.

Anyway, we are off tomorrow for our fifth and sixth festival in as many weeks, which are both in Virginia. The Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival is one that is new to us but the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia is one we have been attending since 2007. I love going to this beautiful part of the country. since we are staying for ten days and will have 4 or 5 days of down time between shows we are planning to take in some sights. Maybe do some hiking and see some of the many historical places near by. Also since we will only be about 120 mile from my daughter’s place we will probably go for a day to visit and see her and the family.  

I did get some pictures of the booth at Wool Gathering, which is all outdoors in tents so excuse the funky lighting. It was lovely weather most of the time and we had a fabulous time as usual. We really like this show. The enthusiasm and friendliness of the attendees is such a joy to be a part of. Thanks to all who faithfully come out and support the festival every year!






I’ll see you in Virginia!!

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