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They grow up so fast

2012 05 05_1053_edited-1.JPG

In just the few days since my last post these little fellows have already started sporting feathers. Before you know it they will be fledglings. Sniff.

While I was up in the tower getting these shots the papa showed up in a panic. He was flying back and forth squawking like crazy until I left. I only stayed less than a minute. Little did he know that if it wasn’t for me one of his precious little ones wouldn’t even be alive. 

Speaking of growing up in a flash, look at this one go! He was trying to go up and pay the birds a visit. No, I didn’t let him. If I had we would have had a fight on our hands getting him to leave. LOL!

Too bad our knitting doesn’t grow as fast as babies do, huh?

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