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on to the woodshop…

Okay this is the final installment of a sneak peek at our workshops. Let’s just get right into it shall we?

We’ll start with the table saw.

This is the bigger lathe where all the bowls, darning eggs, and nostepinnes are turned.

These are the hand tools used with it, and no I don’t know what they all do, or even what they are called so don’t ask.

Here is the smaller lathe used for the small, fine turning, such as the Shawl Pins.

Sanding and planing station

Chop saw and jointer

Stash, stash, and more stash. See knitter’s aren’t the only ones.

And just for fun, this is the walnut co-sleeper that Jerry built for the baby.

That’s it for now! We are in Wooster, OH tonight for the Great Lakes Fiber Festival so I’ll probably have some pictures from that later. We are a bit worried about the water we saw at the Fairgrounds when we were driving past this afternoon on the way to the hotel. Hope it’s not a problem for the show this weekend. We haven’t heard anything to the contrary. No more rain okay? We had enough of that last night in Nashville. Our power was even out all night. Thankfully it came back on this morning after I left. Okay, bye for now.

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