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Officially Done!


Unfortunately I don’t have any babies in house to model this properly so this will have to do. I am quite pleased with how the yarn looks an feels and I predict it will be a hit at Stitches in a couple weeks. It is perfect for baby knits because it is soft organic cotton that is easy to care for. This little classic sweater is also great for everyday use, no need to save it for only special occasions which sometimes is what people do with hand knits for little ones.

Since only two skeins are needed, it is an economical project too. It might be possible to get the smallest size out of one skein since I only used 19-20g from the second skein, but I figure it’s always good to have plenty and you can definitely get a hat and maybe booties from the leftover yarn. :-)

So, with the baby sweater squared away it is time to get back to the ladies size Sorrel top. I am working a couple inches before I start the stitch pattern on the yoke so it doesn’t look much different yet. I am really hoping to finish this prototype and write up the pattern in sizes ranging from 23” to 50” in time for Stitches. We’ll see if that happens. I am done with most of my other preparations on my task list so it may be possible. I will keep you updated. :-)

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