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Dora-SWSP (2)

This shows my progress this past week in my second knitting of Dora in my Classic Merino Superwash Sport yarn. This also shows that a number of times I planned to write a blog post and didn’t quite make it until today. Each progress picture was a day I meant to blog. The sleeves only took a evening each.

Here are the two completed sleeves and the start of the body from a couple days ago.

Here is my progress as of today, and this is probably only a couple hours of actual knitting time. I didn’t knit much yesterday since I had a mill order to dye which I worked on Wednesday afternoon and most of yesterday. Here’s the samples I worked on to match the swatches that came with the fleeces, that I dyed up on Wednesday.

I should be able to start writing up the official pattern within a week. I am mostly waiting to fill in details like yard requirements from my yarns and to calculate the other sizes I will be adding based on the small I am working on now. I won’t have time to knit all the sizes before I publish the pattern but hope to make good estimates based on this one.

Well that’s it for this post. Sunday is Emma’s 11th birthday and we have some birthday shopping and birthday cake (well cupcakes actually) baking to do.

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