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Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair 2011

We arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon after an uneventful drive and had a nice evening in the hotel last night. The room is very nice and the breakfast area is great!

We were scheduled to unload at the Fair between 12:00 and 2:00 today so we slept in and had a leisurely morning. I mostly read while the baby napped. I finished up Wendy Johnson’s book Wendy Knits after breakfast. It was a quick and entertaining read that even had my laughing out loud a couple times. We ate an early lunch in the room and then headed over to set up the booth. We got it done pretty quickly and liked how it looked so we snapped off a few shots before leaving.

We are in about the same spot we were in last year. Booths 102-103 which is at the front of the market and to the left when you come in from the main entrance

Can you see my new Bel Air in the picture below?

Wood stuff!!

We have plenty of swifts of course, and since we aren’t ordering books anymore we are clearing out the stock of slightly road weary books we have left at 50% off.  They are still fine as far as reading goes but they have a few ding in the covers and such.

Hope to see you at the Fair!

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