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Kentucky Sheep & Wool 2012

Well we are on the road again and blogging live from Masterson Station Park in Lexington, KY at the Kentucky Sheep & Wool festival. We are in the Ag Pavilion Building in booth 9, which is in the corner.

It is lovely warm and sunny weather here. We expect it to be in the mid 80’s, which is nice.

Yesterday was a pretty full day with the drive up and setting up the booth, but we were done 3:00 and so had the evening to relax in the hotel. Today we had to get an early start though so it was good to be able to turn in early and get plenty of ret for what will hopefully be a busy two days.

This horse is in the front of the hotel and it immediately attracted Elijah’s notice when we were unloading the luggage yesterday, LOL!

Here’s my knitting progress on my sock. I am not sure how tall I will make the cuff yet. Probably a few more inches.

I am only a few pages short of finishing my book, World Without End. I tried to finish this morning while I was having coffee and breakfast but I ran out of time. I may have some comments next time, but will save them until I am totally done.

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