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Catching Up

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, sorry about that. Since I got back from Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival it has been a busy week and a half with both work and family.

My second oldest daughter flew up for 5 days from Jacksonville with her youngest daughter. We got together here for dinner and visiting almost every day. I don’t get to see her or the children nearly often enough, so we had to squeeze in a lot in only a few days. I didn’t get a lot of pictures but I will share a few of the highlights.

This is Heather (my 2nd oldest) and her youngest, Lillah.

Three of my daughters and my two youngest granddaughters. The lone boy here is of course my youngest, Elijah.

A couple of Pandora who, as babies do, is growing and changing every day. Recognize the sweater?

This week has been so far a time of catching up on household tasks and preparing to do some dyeing. We cleaned the house on Saturday and then set to work on finally getting those last two bedrooms painted that we didn’t get to when we did the whole house about 18 months ago. They look so much better now. I still need to wash all the windows and clean the furniture upholstery if I can get to that. I also need to turn in my end of the year grade reports for the children and order yarn to dye. I am planning a few new colors this year. More on that next post I think.

One more quick update on knitting is called for I think. I am so close to finishing Thurmont. I only have the last chart to knit which is only 12 rows so I should finish up in a day or two. Here’s my progress as of this morning. I did have to go into a third skein of the Classic Merino Superwash DK which I hoped would not be needed. I knew going in that it was a good possibility since the yardage called for was just above my yardage in two skeins.


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