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Belated Happy New Year

I hope you all had a lovely New Year’s weekend, I know we did. We didn’t go out and paint the town, but we did have lots of family visiting which was the best way to welcome the new year I can think of.

Both our oldest daughters came over and my in-laws came on Sunday afternoon. This was the first time any of Jerry’s family have gotten to see our granddaughter, Willow. She is 10 months now and she and Elijah can really start to interact with each other. It is so adorable and fun to watch them growing up together.

This is my sweet mother in law holding Willow. Willow is one of those babies who know no strangers. She warms up to us all like she sees us every day.

This is my beautiful second daughter, Heather, Willow’s mama.

We did a little present opening since we couldn’t be together on Christmas.

Cassie, sure has a way with the little ones.

Our youngest daughter Emma and Willow, really had fun playing together. Emma is great at imitating animals, especially horses and Willow was enthralled with her.

See what I mean about them interacting. I have no idea what they were saying but at least it looks good, LOL!

Well it did anyway, heh.

I think the photographer must have started to look more interesting than each other.

This one cracks me up! He sure does have some funny expressions sometimes. LOL

Entertaining is hard work.

I should have some more knitting to show you on my next post. I worked on the navy Owl Vest and am past the arm hole division and working on the back tonight. Maybe I can get in finished in a night or two. Later!

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