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Birthdays, stash and dyeing

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Here’s my only purchase from the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair last weekend. I rarely buy yarn at shows but I finally bought my first Socks That Rock from Toni of The Fold who was in the booth right across the aisle from mine.

I decided I would try one skein of Lightweight and one of Medium weight. The yellow-green one is the Lightweight in the color Lenka, and the blue-green one is the Medium weight in the color Pretty in Blue. I’ll probably make them both into socks. I’m thinking toe up socks from one of Wendy Johnson’s books, since I have them both and am in a toe up sort of mood.

I have done a bit of actual knitting, but haven’t gotten new pictures yet. I finished the left front of my Sprossling and started the right front.

In other knitting news, I am in denial about my Mystic Midsummer Wreath right now and haven’t touched it since the end of clue 1. There is this funky stitch near the end of Clue 1 that I started to suspect was wonky and since it will require either ripping back three loooong rows and re-knitting or trying to work down each of 22 repeats three rows, both of which make me want to hyperventilate, I am ignoring it altogether. It’s not that I can’t do it, but I hate fiddly, and this will be very fiddly.

It’s time to get some more dyeing done for the late summer and fall shows. I spent today mixing up dye stocks and combining colors to do some hand paints on Monday.

The weather looks great on Monday and since Saturday is Elijah’s first birthday we’ll probably take tomorrow off.

These are some of my measuring cups.

It sure looks prettier when it’s all on the yarn than it does here, huh?

Oh, I started a new book over the weekend too. It was the Free Friday download from Barnes & Noble on 5/13/2011. It’s called Four Corners of the Sky and is a good example of how these freebies can introduce you to authors who you might have otherwise missed out on. It’s not my usual genre, but I am enjoying it. Check it out!

Okay that’s it for now kids! Look for first birthday pictures and probably some more dye stuff. I promise the rest of the dye pictures will be prettier and will actually have some yarn involved.


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