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Family in Maryland

The Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival was great! It just gets better every year.

We have had a nice four days relaxing and working a little too. I have had orders to ship, emails to answer and patterns to print/restock. Today is our last “free” day. We are back to work tomorrow morning. We will pack and drive to Orange, VA in the morning. Then it’s over to Montpelier to set up the booth for the Fall Fiber Festival.

The weather forecast has changed about a half dozen times since I packed for this trip. It was calling for low to mid 70’s and mainly dry so I planned accordingly. Then after we got here it looked like this coming weekend would be chilly and wet. NOT GOOD at Montpelier, but we were prepared with boots just in case. What has actually come to pass though is low to mid 80’s here and it is going to be low 90’s at Montpelier. Yikes! But it’s better than wet in that big field so I guess we will take it. I am saving my lighter clothes for the weekend. Thankfully I did pack a few summer things. No sweaters will be needed though, that’s for sure.

Anyway we haven’t done too much while we have been in Winchester this time. We did drive over to Maryland on Tuesday to see my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughters, and my brother (Greg) who I haven’t seen in 3 years.

Heather was working on this adorable hat when we arrived and finished in time to give it to Elijah. I don’t think the expression is a reflection of his feelings about the hat. He liked it. :-) It was just too funny that this is the look Meredith captured though isn’t it?

Willow couldn’t find hers so she is wearing Sorrel’s.

A rare shot of me since I am notoriously un-photogenic, LOL

We went to Heather’s house first and while we were there it was a perfect opportunity to get some modeled shots of my design Sorrel on Willow (the older) and the dress’s namesake, baby Sorrel.

After hanging out there awhile we went to the Barnes & Noble in Ellicott City to meet up with my brother. Sorry I didn’t think to get a better picture of us but Meredith happened to catch us in the background of this cute one of Heather and Sorrel, LOL!

More shots from Barnes & Noble to follow:

A really cute one of Sorrel and Heather.

Playing with trains of course. :-)

and to finish up a sweet one of Joanie and Sorrel.

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