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Two Things..

Thing number one is that I have published Sorrel 2.0 and it is on my website and available on Ravelry for those who prefer to keep all their patterns in one easy spot.

Thing number two is that we FINALLY have some new Sock Keepers made and they are also on the website. What is a Sock Keeper you may ask (if you are a new knitter or maybe not one at all) ? It is nifty tool to keep your work in progress (WIP) safely on the needles when you are not working on it, i.e. in your project bag. It works like this:

We previously made these by laminating thin strips of wood together like this:

We recently decided to change that to make them out of solid pieces of wood. From time to time we will different offerings dependent on what wood we have on hand, but at the moment we have five varieties available.

From top to bottom: Mahogany, Poplar, Cherry, Oak and Walnut. Nothing else has changed from the way we always have made them. They are the same dimensions and they are still only $20 each. They would make great gifts for the sock knitter on your Christmas list.

Last update for today is that I have begun the lace edge on the bottom of the Chance of Showers. I didn’t take a new picture yet, but I will on my next post when I have a bit more done.

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