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Sweaters are Done!


Just in time for the first really chilly weather of this season. Here are all three of them. The one on the left is the 3-6 month size for Sorrel, the middle one without the hood is the 3T-4T size for Willow, and the lightest color one on the far right is the 0-3 months size for my unborn grandson due in November.

I am pleased with how the hoodless one came out. I was concerned about the lack of neck shaping but went ahead with the pattern as written and I was happy to realize that the button band took care of bringing the front neck lower without the need for the short rows.

I recommend this pattern as being well written and as far as I can tell it is error free. It was fun to make and quick enough that it was not a chore to make three of the same thing in succession. :-) I think I am done now though. If Elijah needs a new sweater this year I may make him something different. Maybe one of these. 

I think I am ready to start one for myself this weekend if I get any time to knit while we are at SAFF. I dyed the yarn for it in February of this year. I think it is well marinated by now and since it is getting chilly around here I have the “new sweater” bug.

Yes, it is green. Not surprised are you? LOL!

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