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Sunday fun


We had a rare but nice relaxing Sunday afternoon here in Nashville. The weather was pretty mild in comparison to what it has been so I took my NOOK outside after dinner to get some reading done.  I started Crush by Alan Jacobson which is the second inthe Karen Vail series. It falls pretty quick on the heels of the first one. It takes place in the Napa Valley where she and Robby are on vacation. They are quickly drawn into a murder investigation when a body is discovered in the area. I am about 25% in already so a fun and quick read so far.

I wasn’t alone for long however but I did get an opportunity to try out my new phone’s camera. It us not bad at all actually. It is also so easy to upload right to my social networking sites and my blog. I had fun playing with it and took some cute shots of my littlest hams. :-)

Okay gotta get some trip shopping and laundry done today.

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