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Smoky Mountain Fiber Festival 2012

Did you know there is free Wi-Fi at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center? Me neither. But they do, so I am writing this post while in my booth at the Smoky Mountain Fiber Festival in Townsend, TN. Of course I could have tethered my phone to get 4G but this is even better since I don’t have to use any of my precious 2G of bandwidth. LOL!

It’s been quiet today, and I have gotten some more knitting done on the Gust. I only have a couple more repeats to go.

Here’s a few shots of the booth.

The girls tool Elijah outside to explore. He lit up like a Christmas tree when he got sight of this old tractor. I daresay they had a hard time tearing him away.

This was not a real horse, and he was checking it out pretty intently. LOL

Now this is hilarious!

There is an historic settlement/museum with cabins, a barn, and a sawmill.

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