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September knitting and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

The rows are long on my Twig and Leaf so I haven’t gotten too far yet. It has been a busy week getting ready for and driving to, Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, so only a row or two here and there. I am one or two rows, can’t remember which, from finishing the first of two and a half repeats. After the lace section you work in garter for the short rows at the top. That should go faster. I am waiting until this is done to start Sonneblume because I don’t like having more than one lace thing going. I would only work on one of them anyway. That’s just my way :-)

Oh, so here’s a new thing this week. I had been thinking about getting the new Google Nevus 7 tablet since I first heard about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted/needed it. I already have and love my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight which I use for reading; my laptop for main computer stuff with and my Android phone to fill in when am away from my computer. I mean it can do anything a tablet can right? Right. But, since it’s so small in comparison it is more tedious for some things. Also if I had the tablet I could use it for reading too if I wanted to and I can actually access all my books easily from it, like my Kindle app for the few books I have on there which I have up until now only used my PC and phone for that.

So anyway I talked myself into it pretty easily with the fact that it will be good for entertaining Elijah in the truck as the tipping point. :-) It is really fun to use and I can see getting a lot of use from it. I have been playing with it the last couple days and really like it.

So the drive to Wisconsin was pretty uneventful but it is a long day for sure. We got on the road at about 4:45am and arrived here about 5:30pm. I let the girls and Elijah sleep in until after 8:30 this morning while I rose at 7:00 for some quiet time with my coffee and breakfast. I did some reading and internet browsing on my tablet. Then after everyone was up and dressed we went to set up the booth.

Elijah rode in the back carrier to keep him out from under foot while the girls unloaded the stuff fro the trailer.

Here’s our space before we get all moved in.

We get started by arranging the fixtures and once we have decided where everything will fit best we start putting out the merchandise.

Et Voila! About 2-3 hours later it is all pretty and ready for the shoppers!

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