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Phase two begins

Saturday was for house cleaning and sorting Friday’s yarn. Sunday was a day of well earned rest. The weather was much more pleasant and after church and dinner I caught up on some reading time. Monday was grocery and library day.

The yarn is all stored in the shed at the moment while we get the labels ready. That is what I spent most of today doing actually.

We have them all printed and cut apart but we have one more step before attaching them to the yarn. That step is to add the color name stickers to each label. That will take a fair amount of time with just a few of us doing it. We will probably start that tomorrow morning and hopefully be ready to start putting them on the skeins by Thursday.

Remember the new organic cotton I told you about? I had to create the label for it today to print those out so I needed a swatch for gauge recommendation. I assumed that a 100g skein with 280 yards would knit to about 6 stitches in an inch on a US size 3 needles, so I tried that and was spot on. I am happy with the fabric at that tension and it should be perfect for the Classic Baby Cardigan too. Although I wrote the pattern at a slightly smaller gauge, I will try it as written as see if it changes the size much. It shouldn’t be too drastic but I will decide all that when I get that far. I hope to cast on for that within a week.

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