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Off to Allegan

It has been a nice little mini vacation these last three days but today it’s back to work. My bags are packed and I will be on my way over to Allegan, MI in about an hour. The drive should take about four hours or so if I don’t hit any major slowdowns. I will check in at the hotel and then go over to the fairgrounds to get the booth set up. I hope I can get it all done today so I don’t have to go in early tomorrow morning before the market opens at 10:00 a.m..

I didn’t do a whole lot while I was here but that was my choice. I like to travel but at heart I am also a homebody. I am never bored just hanging out in my own space reading, knitting, listening to music, etc. so that is what I did this week. I did go out yesterday after lunch and catch a movie. I saw The Gift and it was a pretty good psychological thriller. The theater is really nice too. It had those nice leather recliners for the seating. I had never been in ne before and it was kind of cool.

On my Chance of Showers sweater I finished the second sleeve and started the body last night. This is done with short rows so the only thing is to keep up with where you are in the progress of those and it’s easy enough. I am only a little ways in at this point. I may not get very much knitting time at Allegan since I have much less down time from here out. I will try to post at least once when I am there. As a matter of fact the hour grows late, so I must hit the road again. See you soon!

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