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I promised some more highlights from the festival today, so here you go.

We had a very busy morning in the booth but I think the heat has driven most of the fair goers to cooler locales for the afternoon, since it pretty much cleared out after 3:00 or so. That’s okay though since it gives me time to write a post. :-)

I saw so many of my regular customers and friends today! Thank you all for stopping in the booth! I am afraid I didn’t get an opportunity to get many pictures of them but I did get a few.

I was excited to see Erica Owens who you may know as majordomo at now. Her first baby is due later this summer and I was happy to contribute some knitting love her way. Every baby should have copious amounts of hand knits, don’t you agree? I was just doing my part. :-)

Anne Hanson also made her way to the booth a few times and she graciously submitted to a picture. Isn’t she adorable? We chatted a bit and she picked out a Yarn Bowl to take home.

The rest of are of Elijah being cute. ;-)

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